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Breadth Topics in Computing Science

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Breadth Topics in Computing Science

Computing Science
Capilano University

Computing Science is more than Programming!


Developing General Computing Knowledge

While learning to program is an important part of understanding how computer systems work, and serves to develop good problem solving and design skills, students will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the course material with some basic knowledge of how computer systems work. This will provide context and structure for the primary lessons on programming and software design.

Students are expected to read and understand a variety of the Breadth Topics in Computing Science. Your course home page will link directly to any topics that are covered in class, and are thus examinable. Each topic contains links to different parts of the web. In order to meet the requirement in a particular topic, you should be able to answer all of the questions posted there.

These topics form the core material for some courses, like Comp101 and Comp202. For other courses, such as Comp106 and Comp121, this material is supplemental. In either case, students will gain deeper insights and a better understanding of that core material with the context provided by these topics. Your instructor may not discuss all of these topics, but you are encouraged to read and explore them all for your own benefit and interest. Only those topics covered in class and linked to your course home page are examinable.

Reference: Most of the links are from Webopedia or Jargon Files.


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