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COMP 106 - Programming with Robots, Fall 2007

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Students get a chance to explore Robotics and Computer Science in a fun and stimulating way.


Robot War

COMP 106

Programming with Robots

Jason Madar,
B.Sc, M.Sc. (UBC)
Margaret Dulat, B.Sc., M.Math (Waterloo)

Computing Science
Capilano University

Course Structure: 3.00 credits, (3,0,1) hrs, 15 wks

Course Description

From Issac Asimov's I Robot to George Lucas' R2D2, robots have been part of our popular culture for the last century. In this introductory programming course, we use Lego Mindstorm robots to illustrate the fundamental concepts in computer programming and problem solving. Students get a chance to explore Robotics and Computing Science in a fun and stimulating way.


Technical Requirements

Equipment: A home PC (Windows based) with speakers, a Lego Mindstorm kit.


Jason Madar

Jason Madar
Faculty - Computing Science
Capilano University

I am thrilled to be a part of the OpenCourseWare effort here at Capilano University. In the last decade, the open-source process has become an integral part of the software industry, and is now being applied to many other areas. I have personally benefited from open-source software and OpenCourseWare in many of my own projects and courses.

The course, “Programming with Robots”, is a fun, exciting, and non-intimidating way to introduce students, without prior experience, to computer programming and robotics. Since its debut 3 years ago, it has been very popular and successful.

The open-source process is all about sharing and improving on each other's efforts. It is our hope that by making this course a part of OCW, others will be able to use and build upon our material, making it useful for learners and instructors all over the world.

Copyright 2007, by the Contributing Authors. Cite/attribute Resource. administrator. (2007, January 04). COMP 106 - Programming with Robots. Retrieved November 26, 2014, from Capilano University Open Course Ware Web site: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License. Creative Commons License