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PHIL 208 - Environmental Ethics, Fall 2007

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Philosophy 208

Environmental Ethics

Intructor: Michael Fleming, BA, MSoc. Sci. (Waikato, N.Z.), PhD (UBC)

Philosophy Department
Capilano University

Course Structure: 3.00 credits, (4,0,0) hrs, 15 wks

Course Description And Objectives

This course is an introduction to the philosophical study, and moral assessment, of modern human interaction with other species and the environment in which we live. We will begin with a brief introduction to the nature of morality and moral theory, then we will move to in-depth investigations of some of the main topics in contemporary environmental ethics.



An essential part of this course is using the following text book as many of the readings are found in this book. You can order the book online by following the link below.

 Environmental Ethics book cover Environmental Ethics:Readings in Theory and Application, 5th Edition
Louis P. Pojman  |   © 2008  |   ISBN-10: 0495095036   ISBN-13: 9780495095033

Environmental Ethics:Readings in Theory and Application, 4th Edition
Louis P. Pojman  |   © 2005  |   ISBN-10: 0534639712   ISBN-13: 9780534639716

Please follow the links in the left hand navigation menu to access the course contents.




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